Below are some of images of current or previous jobs that Pro Audio Video has done.  Please take a look and see the professionalism of our work.


Here are some photos of what kind of wiring we do.  For new construction homes, we can come in before the walls are even put into place, and can wire your entire theater.  This saves a lot of time in the installation process and can prevent future problems.  All of our wire installation is done to code and is done professionally.

Above is a pre-wiring done for a wall mounted speaker

In Progress


This is a flat screen television that is being installed in a master bathroom

Hidden into the bathroom closet is the Cable box and DVD player for the Television

Previous Systems

Theater Room

This is a home theater that was custom designed with a High Definition projector installed

This is the custom 103'' Projector screen installed for the High Defiition projector

Theater Bar

From the looks, It is a ordinary movie poster

However, This is a custom bar that was placed in the home theater

Media Centers

Here is a simple television set done in a living room